Enhance your online presence.  All successful projects depend upon developing solid relations. Planning and designing a website is the easy part; it is upon the arrival of your first potential client that the real process begins. 

A website built by yours truly isn't some boring, uninspired commodity.  I take the time to get to know my clients personally, working with you one-on-one to create a truly custom and professional design that is built upon a well-functioning platform.







I would prefer for you to provide your own copy and images for your website.  This is because no one knows more about your business than you! However, I will be happy to work with you to produce your website's copy and images.  Please keep in mind two things:  a) this will increase the design time and budget, and may push back your deadline, and b) stock images may need to be purchased. I will not use an image that is copyrighted, unless it can be purchased or I have permission from the original designer. I have a large inventory of purchased stock photos available, but if none of those are suitable for your website, or if you do not have your own images available, we will need to look at purchasing image rights.


After completing an online consultation with me, you will pay the amount associated with the package you have selected before any work will begin.  I am open to reasonable payment plans if you are unable to pay the package price all at once, but please keep in mind that I will not begin any design or domain registration until the balance is paid in full.


I understand that sometimes things happen.  As long as you communicate with me beforehand, we may be able to work out an arrangement should you fall behind on payment.  If your account is more than 5 days past due, your administrator account will be locked and you will be assessed a late fee of $50.00.  If your account is over 14 days past due without any payments, your website will be locked until payment is made in full. If your account is over 30 days past due, your website will be deleted and your domain name will be forfeited (unless you purchased the domain yourself).


I will happily transfer your domain name to you if you wish to cancel your contract with me, as long as your account is paid in full.  However, all coding and designs will be deleted.  You are not permitted to use my designs without authorization.  I vigorously enforce this policy to protect myself and my hard work from theft.  I also do not prorate my prices.  If you cancel your contract, you are ineligible to receive any reimbursement unless you meet certain criteria outlined below.


If you have purchased a website package but we have not begun the design process or domain registration, you are entitled to a full refund.  If I have already started the design process, but the website is not yet completed, you are entitled to 50% of your package amount.  Once I deliver the website to you and the website is live, you are not entitled to any refund -- no exceptions.