Welcome to my
creative foundry!

I don’t have a mission statement or a “vision”. I just love making cool stuff. I love thinking hard. I love digging deep. I love beautiful design. I love words, pictures, and environments that provoke reactions. Most importantly, I love creating things that actually do what they’re designed to do.

When I’m asked what categories I want to serve, I say I don’t care. As long as the people I work with are as passionate about their brands as I am. I love awesome clients who like to be challenged and who’ll push back. I want to have relationships with people who understand that touching people emotionally is a prerequisite to helping them act intelligently. I ask my clients to trust me as much as I trust them, because I know the best way to make something exceptional is to work with courage.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.
— Milton Glaser



I created my humble little studio back in 2013, nearly a decade after spending nights and weekend helping friends, colleagues, and their referrals with graphic design work and website creation. After being inspired by the positive feedback from clients, I decided it was finally time to take the leap, making this passion a full-time career.

Memphis-born, Louisville-raised, and Bloomington-schooled, I draw on decades of experience. This place was designed to help clients develop their brands and identities and enhance their digital footprints in today’s ever-growing internet market.

I suppose if I HAD to give an answer, my favorite design style would be modern minimalism. I mean, you don’t need to complicate your brand’s identity! A well-designed, sleek, simple, and thoughtful logo should have the power to express who you are as a company, and allow you to separate your business from the competition. I’ve also become a fan of that hipster-modern-vintage design style that seems to be popping up everywhere. Anyways, no matter which style you prefer, I’ll build you something awesome.

You can view my résumé by CLICKING HERE. Be sure to check out my PORTFOLIO as well. Thank you again to all of my past, present, and future clients, and for stopping by to visit!


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